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Across the street from the Museum of Fine Arts, you’ll find a different kind of artistic masterpiece. Discover divine culinary works of art within the realm of Tryst, designed to delight your gastronomical senses. Standing apart from the other upscale eateries on Beach Drive in St. Petersburg, this award-winning dining destination brings eclectic dishes to the table and pours on the charm with a full bar featuring a dazzling menu of uniquely-designed signature cocktails.

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``Everything from Tryst's monosyllabic name to its font points to yet another upscale ultra lounge, where Top 40 club music meets a flavored martini list and manufactured sophistication. The truth, however, is that Tryst is all class. Instead of Top 40 we get classic soul, and actual skilled bartenders take the place of talent hired on looks alone. As the full name indicates, Tryst is a gastro lounge, which means that the focus is equally on food as it is on craft beer, fine wines, and signature cocktails.``

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