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father's day

Father’s Day: Things Dads Actually Want To Do

Are you guilty of gifting a tie or socks every year for Father’s Day? It may be time to try something new.  Father’s Day is fast coming — an excellent time to acknowledge all the men in our lives. We spend so much time organizing fun events and activities for our little ones but coming up with just the best way to celebrate Dad may be a bit involved.

June 19: Father’s Day!

There’s still time to plan a day of fun for Dad. Instead of good old ties or cologne, how about an outing that speaks to his interests? Whether he’s into music, science, cars or simply enjoys a good meal, you can show your husband (or father, uncle, grandpa, etc.) just how special he is!

Option 1: Celebrate the special men in your life! Join us Father’s Day Sunday for brunch and/or dinner. We will be serving our regular brunch and dinner menu.

or Options 2: Let your dad take a day off and leave him alone. We have a special treat for that! For every whiskey shot that your special man buys, he will get a draft beer on us.


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