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``Everything from Tryst's monosyllabic name to its font points to yet another upscale ultra lounge, where Top 40 club music meets a flavored martini list and manufactured sophistication. The truth, however, is that Tryst is all class. Instead of Top 40 we get classic soul, and actual skilled bartenders take the place of talent hired on looks alone. As the full name indicates, Tryst is a gastro lounge, which means that the focus is equally on food as it is on craft beer, fine wines, and signature cocktails.``

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Andy Jackson

February 2017 on Google

Beautiful setting, great service, and excellent food!

Kaitlon Wing

February 2017 on Google

Amazing drinks! I love everything I order off the menu. Food always tastes great. Staff is fun and lively.

Ladida Consignment

February 28, 2017 on Facebook

Burger, grouper sandwhich, drinks, great bartender Matty!

Scott Tanner

February 24, 2017 on Facebook

Great food great servers great music great bar staff. All around this place is The place to go. Highly recommend


February 27, 2017 on Open Table

We done early around 5pm like the Menu

Paul T.

February 22, 2017 on Yelp

Eat here every time we are in town for business. The service is always fantastic year after year and the food is always outstanding. Huge range with salads and seafood. If you are in town it is a must visit.

William T

March 3, 2017 on Trip Advisor

My wife and I really had a real pleasant dining experience.We are early diners and though we made a 5PM reservation it probably wasn’t necessary on a Monday.That being said I had the very large Grouper sandwich blackened.The Grouper was cooked to perfection.My wife ordered a Mediterranean plate of hummus,feta cheese,tszicki and pita bread.They do have a happy hour and special drink prices.My server Tara was very informative and service gets an A.We were served outside and really enjoyed the free show.They are pet friendly,so bring Fido.This is still season so call ahead or use
Open table as we did.The menu is on line.

Eli N.

February 21, 2017 on Yelp

A non-yelper friend chose this place and thank god.  I know a place can suffer from several older reviews, but our experience was near perfect.  Let me start with praising our server Evan.   My friends can be demanding, but he kept service feeling exceptional.

The restaurant itself is one of the most interesting interiors in the immediate area.  Everything on the table was tastefully chosen and the decor was importantly not boring.

The only thing keeping this from a 5 star was my order of green salad with blackened grouper.  I never thought I would be a vengeful salad eater, but I could obliterate this review over their green salad.  By itself is 9 dollars, tasted so bland.  Carrots, tomatoes, and garlic were very basic.  A spring mix from publix tastes more interesting than this.  Cmon now.  The saving grace was the grouper which honestly wasnt prepared or spiced in any special way, I just love my fish.

I happened to try my friends veggie burger and it was very flavorful and I was extremely impressed.  Friend two was very happy with his beet salad.

So all in all, I can forgive for the sake of friendship.  The great atmosphere, veggie burger and Evan kept this place afloat to a solid 4.

Keith Austin Ragsdale

February 20, 2017 on Facebook

5 star service, great staff & chill environmet. The food was excellent too…

Janelle Khargie-Craig

February 16, 2017 on Facebook

Baja tacos… Drop the mic…all I can say! Have to make reservations too.

Jason DePaola

February 2017 on Google

Great cocktails, draft crafts and delish food…

OpenTable Diner

February 15, 2017 on Open Table

Went for Valentine’s Day with a group of friends food was amazing! Must try the wings they are great for sharing! They gave all the ladies a single rose which I thought was a nice touch! They had a singer outside which played throughout the inside restaurant too!

OpenTable Diner

February 15, 2017 on Open Table

My wife and I came to Tryst for Valentine’s Day and it was great. The seating inside was great and so was the delicious food

OpenTable Diner

February 15, 2017 on Open Table

They had a great valentine’s day menu. The service and food was amazing.


February 15, 2017 on Open Table

I took my wife there for Valentine’s Day Dinner. Attentive and friendly service, they even gave my wife a rose. The drinks were great, and the food was above average. My ribeye was cooked perfectly. We sill be back again.
Thank you


February 13, 2017 on Trip Advisor

This is an upscale what they call gastro pub. To me it means $16 burgers plus booze. We have only been there once. We liked it but at 76 I do not drink much anymore and it is expensive.

The place inside is really well appointed.

The service was pretty good.

We both had burgers and they were excellent. They cost $16 each but were worth it.

Claudia A.

February 18, 2017 on Yelp

Good drinks, great area to kill time.

I had the trust cocktail and liked how it went down smooth. It was fruit but the fruit was strained out.

We tried the Tuna appetizer, it was ok. I also got the maji tacos appetizer. That was really good. It had guacamole in it and the fish was seasons lightly and fresh.

I also had the shrimp poboy. I like that the shrimp aren’t fried but grilled and the bread want a hard but instead flaky. Another dish done well done.

Also, do yourself a favor and upgrade to the truffle fries. We ain’t them and then licked our fingers clean.

Overall a good spot to hang out. I like the trendy decor too. The wait staff is also friendly and well trained.

Eric K.

February 13, 2017 on Yelp

I had a great time here. Aaron made me a Whiskey Sour that was to die for. Best I’ve ever had easily.

Food G.

February 10, 2017 on Yelp

The drinks are amazing, the scenery is beautiful and the service impeccable. What more could you want?

Known for their variety of well hand crafted cocktails, Tryst does not disappoint. We arrived around 8 p.m. On First Friday in St. Pete, which if you are from Tampa Bay Area you know is a shit show all night long. Despite this we were greeted by friendly staff and sat inside at the comfy booths. We ordered the Tryst, “muddled raspberry, strawberry, fresh lemon juice & organic elderflower liqueur, shaken with deep eddy vodka & a hint of cranberry juice”, and an Irish Grasshopper “Jameson black barrel whiskey, marie brizard white creme de cocoa, marie brizard green creme de menthe & heavy cream garnished with a mint sprig.

Imagine St. Pete beach encapsulated in a drink and you have the Tryst cocktail. Imagine eating mint chocolate chip ice cream atop the mountains of Three Rock in Dublin and you have the Irish Grasshopper. I am huge fan of a great drink, so if you are in St. Pete Tryst is the right place!

Steven Anderson

February 16, 2017 on Facebook

Strong drinks – great service – great atmosphere. Only issue was with tables – had to sit off to the side as the table legs don’t allow your legs to go underneath.

Deedy C.

February 9, 2017 on Yelp

We only had drinks, but it is worth stating that the bartenders were awesome! Very friendly and fun to talk to. Made for a nce evening. Thank you!

OpenTable Diner

February 14, 2017 on Open Table

Went there for Valentine’s dinner and had a great meal. Love love our waitress. They are very accommodated and attentive. Not too much but not absent. The hostess was skeptical to put us at a table that had reservations in an hour but other hostess was quick to accommodate and had no issues. I even got a rose! Nice touch! Will always be back!!!


February 7, 2017 on Trip Advisor

Excellent meal with a very creative menu. Our first visit to St. Petersburg and we were not disappointed! The food was fresh, creative and tasty. The beet salad was excellent and the grouper entree was quite possibly the best grouper I have ever had! My husband had the fish tacos and loved them as well. Great vibe and modern feel also.


February 3, 2017 on Trip Advisor

My husband and I were having trouble finding a place for dinner after the movies on a Friday night. We were not in the mood to wait 45 minutes to an hour for a table, so we thought we’d just have drinks. We found Tryst and had an excellent meal. Our server was amazing, too. She was very quick, attentive and efficient. I will definitely return. Very good martinis! The angus beef sliders were very good, too. Perfectly cooked and juicy. I’ll definitely go back. I’m glad we found this place.

Darius D.

January 29, 2017 on Yelp

Christ, this place is heaven. Between the beer and the food, I’m criminal. They have the beers only available in the most exotic of establishments. My favorite: Weihenstephaner Kristall Weissbier, which I could only get at an amazing bar in Old City in Philadelphia. The hand made noodles covered in shredded lamb and pecorino Romano the consistency of angel pubes is what was served at the last supper from what I was told. Christ said, “after this meal, I’m good! Crucify me.” Come here. Eat. Drink. Be saved. Service is righteous. In fact, brotherly. Parker gets it. He knows what I’m saying. He appreciates what we appreciate. We fully sanction his righteousness. Come here. Know. See. Feel. Live. Yes.


January 26, 2017 on Trip Advisor

Tryst is located on a busy street where many other restaurants, shops and hotels are located. It is popular and a crowd favorite because it mostly features outdoor dining and drinking where one can sit and relax on large couches. There several tables and umbrellas, but large groups will enjoy the couches. It is pet friendly where water and doggie beds are offered and you cannot miss the excellent people watching opportunities.

The restuarant has a good selection of bar foods, salads, snacks and mains. We sampled the kale salad, which was excellent and dressed with preserved lemon slices. Note to mention: when ordering chicken wings, you will get the ENTIRE wing – all three pieces. The presentation is off putting at first and handling them a little cumbersome, but they sure were tasty. Our servers were professional and friendly. We appreciated not being rushed.


January 26, 2017 on Trip Advisor

Tryst is a small restaurant along the main drag in St. Petersburg. It only has about a dozen tables inside and 6-8 more on the sidewalk.

We did a Sunday brunch , so my review is limited to that. Speaking of limited, the menu is not overwhelming. Some unusual salads and sandwiches, and a few egg dishes.

We found some delicious appetizers including a seafood sausage with chunks of shrimp, scallops, fish, etc. . The hummus and tzaziki platter was also delicious. Everyone raved about the pierogis and dill creme.

My main course was a grilled grouper sandwich and it was fine.

The service was good and they had a surprisingly good wine list.

The big surprise was a Sunday brunch special on Moët & Chandon champagne. Bottles were half price — making the cost $40. That’s less than I’d pay in a discount wine store.

Tryst was not crowded during our visit. I suggest giving it a shot for brunch.

Zoe Dekeles

February 6, 2017 on Facebook

Great food and great service. One of the best veggie sandwiches I’ve ever had.

Rachael Hughes Kinsler

February 1, 2017 on Facebook

Amazing! Great atmosphere with amazing friends- and music!!

Brian McMahon

January 23, 2017 on Facebook

Great food and excellent service.Was a very nice experience.

Ty Stetzenmeyer

January 22, 2017 on Facebook

I was out for a drive with my Mom, 91 years old, looking for a place with a diverse quality food menu and an extensive beer menu with outside seating along Beach Drive. After passing quite a few I parked right in front of Tryst. Checked a few places in either direction and chose Tryst. Excellent Baha Tacos with Mahi Mahi and a perfectly prepared Grouper sandwich. Add my bold Left Hand Milk Stout and tasty St. Bernardus Abt. 12 Quadruple Abbey Ale it resulted in a wonderful late lunch, early dinner. We could not have had a more happy, energetic, friendly, and thoughtful waitress/server. Worth every penny. We’ll be back.


January 21, 2016 on Open Table

Nice selection of appetizers, entres and sandwiches. Indoor and outdoor dining in a modern setting.


January 15, 2016 on Trip Advisor

Nice bar and friendly staff. Good location. Good food. Interesting bar decoration. Music could be better.

Brian M

December 24, 2016 on Trip Advisor

Tryst Gastro Lounge is located in Downtown St Pete off Beach Drive, just north of 2nd Ave NE, across from the St Pete Museum of Fine Arts, next to quite a strip of eateries: Stillwaters Grill and Tavern, Kilwins, Bella Brava, the eagle cafe, Annata Wine bar, the moon under water, and the Birchwood Canopy. Tryst Gastro offers comfy outdoor seating for enjoying the weather or for people watching as there is a lot of foot traffic down that stretch of beach drive in lovely DTSP. Indoors, Tryst features an elegant chic Victorian style high comfy leather back booth seating, flashy modern silver wallpaper pattern, and a long marble bar which is suitable for turning the restaurant into a bar in the later hours. To start, we shared a Tuna Tataki appetizer which paired nicely with the pickled ginger slaw. It was quite tasty! For the entree, I had the grilled Mahi Mahi Tacos which came out quite well with its hot pepper sauce and cilantro. My friend had the chefs meal of the day, grilled shrimp jambalaya new Orleans style, and it had a nice spice to it, although I’m not a big fan of Jambalaya myself personally. My other friend ordered the Creekstone Farms Ribeye Steak topped with truffle fries and Bernaise sauce. It was very tender and succulent and came out just as ordered medium rare. I was a little disappointed that the official entree section only had 5 choices and not enough variety so we had to order from the appetizer section but luckily the portion sizes were large enough. I really wasn’t in the mood for a burger or blackened Shrimp Po’Boy. Our drinks and food came out in a timely manner in less than 15 minutes. For dessert, we shared the Creme Brulee with fresh raspberries and Chocolate lava cake with house made vanilla ice cream. Our server was very nice and helpful. Tryst has a full liquor bar and has adequate seating for groups. I might have to come back to try their Korean Beef Bulgogi or Grouper Sandwich next time!

Katy S.

January 13, 2017 on Yelp

This review is for Sunday brunch as I have not had the opportunity to visit Tryst in the evening. When my friend noted that she wanted to come to Tryst to celebrate her birthday brunch, I was a bit wary as I planned to bring my 5 month old baby. She assured me that during the day and outside, it is not a bad environment for kids. Luckily, she was right!

On Sunday, they have a 50% off of Moet deal. Our group is a bunch of champagne lovers and we took full advantage. Our server was extremely efficient and frequently checked on us. The atmosphere was just gorgeous and on this Florida winter day it really made for a nice afternoon.

I got the grouper sandwich for my meal and I decided to upgrade to the truffle fries. Both were a good decision and I felt satisfied at the end of my meal. We stayed for a few hours and got great service the whole time. I had a great time at this brunch and hope to return in the future!

Jeff O.

January 8, 2017 on Yelp

Tryst is more known as being the bad-ass kinda bistro/gastropub on beach drive with GREAT cocktails… If you have NOT looked at the menu and ordered something, shame on you! This place is one of the truly best kept secrets on beach drive and DTSP! True story!


January 1, 2017 on Open Table

Great place for after dinner drinks and apps, but also excellent for dining!


December 25, 2016 on Trip Advisor

Came here on Christmas night- wow what a great place. It was very busy so dinner was slow but the food was great and Julia took excellent care of us. This is our second time in St Petersburg- and we will come back here again.

Linda G

November 27, 2016 on Trip Advisor

Six of us dined on a great variety of the menu. Not one item disappointed. Loved it all and just finished my leftovers for breakfast Highly recommend. Chef Jon has a true talent!



March 25, 2017 on Open Table

Fun time, good food, good service
Will definitely visit again and recommend

Vagelis Chatziemmanouil

March 2017 on Google

Amazing place to start and finish your night! Good food good people around! Cheers

March 24, 2017 on Open Table

Stopped for dinner while on vacation. Good food, atmosphere upbeat.


March 14, 2017 on Open Table

Tryst was a real gem right in the heart of downtown St. Pete.. After a disappointing meal at another venue the previous evening, my wife and I decided to try Tryst and we weren’t disappointed. Everything from the cocktails to the meals was outstanding. My wife was a little cautious given the limited choice of entrees, but I prefer a limited expertly crafted menu to menu with a large number of selections without any standouts (jack of all trades, master of none). The maple hot wings are a meal unto themselves (and Jimmy, our server, warned us that this would be enough and advised us to hold off on ordering entrees until we finished the appetizers). Disregarding his warnings we ordered more food anyway and it was so good we forced it down. I had the Blackened Shrimp Po’ Boy (awesome) and my wife had the Pappardelle with Lamb Ragout (equally as fabulous).


March 2017 on Google

Jim is a great server – awesome drinks – great downtown location!
Chrissy Holubeck

March 19, 2017 on Facebook

Absolutely love Tryst! Great food, service, and atmosphere!

Jonathan Palma

March 2017 on Google

Great vibe, they have a small bar right in front so you can walk up to off the street, and heaters for when it’s gets a bit chilly. Shout out to them for the dj they hired to play the night I went because that guy played amazing music! Pierre roma was the djs name check him out!

Gerardo N.

March 18, 2017 on Yelp

Great place for a late night snack and drink. I went w/ the Black Angus Sliders and they were perfect. Great wine selection and service to go with it. Great spot for ‘people watching’ in the St Petes waterfront.


March 4, 2017 on Open Table

I love this place! The cheese plate is perfect for munching while talking over a glass of wine. The tacos are just spicy enough and the duck appetizer is to die for. TRY EVERYTHING!!!

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