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Summer Menu Takes Dining to a New Heights

Across the street from the Museum of Fine Arts, you’ll find a different kind of artistic masterpiece. Discover divine culinary works of art within the realm of Tryst, designed to delight your gastronomical senses. Standing apart from the other upscale eateries on Beach Drive in St. Petersburg, this award-winning dining destination brings eclectic dishes to the table and pours on the charm with a full bar featuring a dazzling menu of uniquely-designed signature cocktails.

Outstanding culinary creativity is the specialty every day at Tryst, thanks to our executive chef. The menu showcases his broad range from casual fare to intimate fine dining creations, making this one rendezvous that St. Pete diners return to again and again for its perfect mix of mouth-watering cuisine, cocktails, vibe and scenic glory.

Our executive chef utilizes the freshest ingredients to create his masterpieces. Because of his approach to farm-to-table freshness, he takes great care to make seasonal dishes that shatter the perception of ordinary dining in a most unexpected way with the freshest ingredients around. That means that tourists and locals alike can be sure that every time they visit Tryst, anything they order will be the best quality.

Top-notch quality and service are what Tryst excels at, and serve as the driving force for making memorable dining experiences for everyone that dines here. Lunch or dinner can be made into a special occasion for a particular celebration or just to jazz up a regular day.

As the weather becomes hotter and hotter, our executive chef is firing it up in the kitchen by rolling out a stunning summer menu that will please the palate and make taste buds swoon. The freshest tastes of summer will mingle under the inviting patio, ideal for people-watching with its stellar view of the bay under the serene cover of banyan trees.

Are you ready for summer? Now, you can order Tryst’s newest collection of cuisine.


summer menu

Discover Tryst – A mix of eclectic foods and high-end wine and spirits, including one-of-a-kind signature cocktails on Beach Drive in St. Petersburg. Discover the indulgence of our culinary team’s unique take on traditional and nontraditional creations served every night in addition to one of the best parties in Downtown.

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